Demo Reel:

Excerpt from ‘Criminal Minds’ (ABC Studios/CBS):

Seychelle played Laura Burgess, an unsuspecting murder victim in season 14.

Commercial - First Data: PCI ComplyAlly

A small business owner navigates banking and information security with the help of First Data’s ‘PCI CompyAly’.

Commercial/short - Murad Skincare:

2 million + views on YouTube.

Comedy/Soap scene:

Hannah tries to make amends and win Ted over.

Excerpts from short film 'M-City':

Piera tries to manage her long-distance relationship.

Excerpts from web-series 'The Virtual Life of Cameron West':

Nicole Everett, a university student is chatting with friends.

Excerpt from ‘The Good Place’ (NBC):

In season 3, Seychelle played the confused and diligent student Mylie Kinogue.

Excerpts from 'True Nightmares' (Discovery Studios):

Seychelle played the lead guest role of Mary Farmer; a jealous and murderous neighbor.

Drama scene:

Dawn has lost her husband in a workplace accident and his co-worker comes to discuss the circumstances.

Drama/Soap scene:

Mia confronts a colleague about her unprofessional behaviour.

Australian scene:

Lovers banter and girlfriend tries to appease jealous boyfriend.