Demo Reel

Excerpt from ‘Criminal Minds’ (ABC Studios/CBS)

Seychelle played Laura Burgess, an unsuspecting murder victim in season 14.

Commercial - First Data: PCI ComplyAlly

A small business owner navigates banking and information security with the help of First Data’s ‘PCI CompyAly’.

Commercial/short - Murad Skincare

2 million + views on YouTube.

Comedy/Soap scene

Hannah tries to make amends and win Ted over.

Excerpts from short film 'M-City'

Piera tries to manage her long-distance relationship.

Excerpts from web-series 'The Virtual Life of Cameron West'

Nicole Everett, a university student is chatting with friends.

Excerpt from ‘The Good Place’ (NBC)

In season 3, Seychelle played the confused and diligent student Mylie Kinogue.

Excerpts from 'True Nightmares' (Discovery Studios)

Seychelle played the lead guest role of Mary Farmer; a jealous and murderous neighbor in Season 2.

Australian scene

Lovers banter and girlfriend tries to appease jealous boyfriend.

Drama scene

Dawn has lost her husband in a workplace accident and his co-worker comes to discuss the circumstances.

Drama/Soap scene

Mia confronts a colleague about her unprofessional behaviour.

Short film ‘Invader’

‘Invader’ was shortlisted & screened at the 2019 Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge and received the Best Visuals Honorable Mention Award & The Post Runner Up Award.